Jelly Beans Day Nursery are excited to be introducing Heuristic Play to our day to day nursery routine. This will be an activity aimed at our Baby Room and the younger members of our Toddler Room.

What is Heuristic Play?

Heuristic play is rooted in young children’s natural curiosity. As babies grow, they move from being happy to feel and look at objects, to wanting to find out what they can do with them. Toddlers have an urge to handle everything they find. They like to gather, fill, dump, stack, knock down, select and manipulate objects they find.

Household or kitchen utensils can occupy a child for surprising stretches of time. Items such as kitchen roll holders, curtain rings and toilet holders are ideal can provide children with lots of opportunities to make discoveries about every day objects. When toddlers make an enjoyable discovery they often repeat it multiple times to test the result. This strengthens cognitive development as well as fine muscle control and hand/eye coordination.

How we use Heuristic Play at Jelly Beans?

At Jelly Beans Day Nursery we use our Sensory Room to provide a safe, warm environment for children to explore heuristic play. We provide baskets full of a range of objects including dolly pegs, bangles, curtain rings and mug trees. We then allow them to freely explore the baskets while we observe, only helping when they ask. It is all child led and the staff support where needed.