Our Environment:

“The nursery is inviting, bright and child-friendly. This is reflected in how much the children enjoy playing there, in their good behaviour and in their positive relationships with each other.” OFSTED Report 2018. 

Here at Jelly Beans Day Nursery, the environment caters for children of all ages and development stages.

Inside, there are three main rooms that create safe, bright and spacious areas. These are all furnished and decorated based upon the ages of the childrens and their development.

There is also a furnished Sensory Room complete with a dark tent and bubble machine and a Physical Room that boasts a large ball pit and soft construction area.

Outside, we have a large, well maintained garden with a newly resurfaced play area. Each room is also lucky enough to have smaller individual gardens attached.

Our Sensory Room has a small garden attached, in which the children can plant their own seeds and bulbs and learn to nurture them and watch their plants grow.

Our Approach to Learning: 

At Jelly Beans Day Nursery, we have incorporated an unique way of approaching children’s learning. We aim to nurture each child’s individual emotional, intellectual and social development. In order to do this we also need to provide them with a loving and safe environment to learn through play. We achieve this by:

1) Enabling Environments, 2) Eating Heathly and Staying Fit, 3) Building Relationships , 4) Cultural Awareness, 5) Working in Partnership with Parents

Key Person Approach: 

“Staff provide good levels of care and support to each child through their effective use of the key-person system. As a result, children feel safe, happy and confident” – OFSTED Report 2018. 

Here at Jelly Beans Day Nursery, we offer a Key Person Approach to your child’s care. A Key Person at Jelly Beans is a practitioner assigned to an individual child. Their role is to support the child and their family with all of their needs and development whilst attending the nursery. We feel it is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult within the setting. They will respond sensitively to your child’s feelings, ideas and behaviour, talking to parents to make sure your child is being cared for appropriately. They will also observe and record all the new and interesting things your child does while at nursery and this will be done through the use of Learning Journals.

The Buddy System: 

In the event of your Key Person being absent, we operate a ‘Buddy System’ to ensure consistency of care. The ‘buddy’ and Key Person communicate fully and work closely as a team. This approach gives every child the reassurance needed to feel secure and cared for within the nursery.

Starting Nursery with Jelly Beans:

Starting nursery, changing rooms or starting primary school can be exciting. However, transitions can also prove to be a daunting experience. Jelly Beans are committed to making these transitions as easy as possible.

When starting nursery, it is important that transitions are stress free and we do this by following our Settling In Policy. The first point of settling in is a family visit to our nursery. Here, you will be shown around our rooms, focusing on the particular room your child may be attending. You and your child can meet the team, their Room Senior and their potential Key Person. This enables you and your child to form those important bonds from the start.

Following this, a series of three settling in visits to the nursery will be arranged. These allow for a relationship to form further between child and staff, staff and parents. Parents can be asked about any particular eating or sleeping habits that their child has which enables effective communication, which is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition into and throughout the nursery.



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