Baby Room: 

Here at Jelly Beans Day Nursery, Baby Room provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment.

The Baby Room is suitable for children from 3 months to 18 months. Outside is a child friendly astro-turf garden with a wide range of activities on offer. These include sand play, a play house and a range of ride-on toys. Inside offers an even wider range of experiences including a cosy corner, a sensory mat, a messy play area and a home corner.

Baby Room has its own self contained nappy room and milk kitchen, allowing bottles to be sterilised and prepared as required. It is asked that you provide nappies and wet wipes for your child. These can either be supplied on a daily basis or in bulk. Lots of changes of clothes are a must as messy play is always great fun. There is also a water station, which provides fresh drinking water. Cups are refilled as required and are monitored throughout the day.

Whether the Baby Room has 2 babies or 6, rest assured all needs are met for each individual child!

Toddler Room: 

Toddler Room is bright, spacious and designed to encourage social interaction and lively play. Painting, singing, role-play and games provide lots of opportunities for social interaction. Messy play is a must and we do ask that multiple changes of clothes are provided. They have their own garden with lots of sand and water play opportunities.

Pre-School Room:

Our pre-school room is designed for structured and positive learning with plenty of opportunities – inside and out. Days are carefully planned with different activities to encourage development of a happy, confident and well-rounded child. Activities include role-play, arts & crafts, outside play and many more.

…and on to ‘big school’

Jelly Beans works pro-actively with all the local primary schools to smooth the transition to ‘big school’ when the time comes. We invite teachers to come in and meet our Pre-School children, perhaps read them a story and generally put minds at ease at what can be a stressful time.