“Staff capably support children with additional needs so that they achieve appropriately and gain confidence” – OFSTED 2018


Jelly Beans Day Nursery believes that all children should be supported and receive the best care possible. Through the key person approach, observations and liasing with parents, Jelly Beans can continue to support children with special educational needs and disabilities, to the highest standards.


In order to to support SEND children, all of our staff receive regular training and attend many refresher courses. We also have a fully qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator in the nursery to have that special one to one time and to support the key worker and buddy approach. Our SENCO is also here to support parents when making referals and try to make it as smooth as possible for them and the child.


Learning to say words and build sentences can be difficult for most of us when growing up. It can be twice as difficult for children who do not have english as a first language. Here at Jelly Beans Day Nursery, we try to give as much support to EAL children as possible by learning some of their everyday words and translating them into english. We use pictures and put speech bubbles all around our nursery to support their learning along with one to one activities with the child’s key person. These activities will support language development and will keep the child’s age and development level in mind. In doing so, their confidence grows along with their speech ability.